To Die For- by Sandra Byrd~Book Review!~

To Die For: A Novel of Anne Boleyn (Ladies in Waiting, #1)

To Die For

by Sandra Byrd

 My  Book Rating: 5 out 5 stars

“To Die For” was such good book!! I have always been interested in the Tudor history but I’ve never really had a chance to read a book based on
their history. To be honest I didn’t know what the story would have in store for me. A good friend of mine had told me that the book was good and I’m so
glad to have read it!
  Sandra Byrd is  very talented  with bringing history to life. The characterization in the story was very amazing. I really loved how she gave life to the
characters who lived so long ago.
  I really admired the character Meg,a handmaiden and friend to the queen, Anne Boleyn. Even though she suffered so much abuse and neglect from her father
and taunting from her brother she really found that source of strength to press on with her life and she didn’t let those circumstances hold her down from
pursing better things in her life.
  I think both Meg and Will’s story very extraordinary in their own way. In Will’s story a person can see how reformers struggled to translate the Bible into the
common language so that the people could understand God’s Word. On the other hand, Meg’s story was also an eye opener because since she was a handmaid
to the queen, the story really gave insight to what life in the times of King Henry would have been like.
  Anne Boleyn’s story was very good too. I liked how Sandra Byrd really gave her a voice. I knew that she was beheaded and things like that but for me to see
how she could stand her ground amid the accusations from King Henry was very brave.
  All in all, I really loved the story it had adventure,good story plot, and very good historical settings. I really do thank Sandra Byrd for writing this wonderful and
historical packed story from the bottom of my heart! I can’t wait to read the rest of her series!
  Also at the  end of the book, Sandra Byrd shows the reader what is fact or fiction in the story. I really like how she did that.
   May I say this was the first time that I’ve actually held in my hand or won a copy of a book signed by the author. I was thrilled!
If you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to read it! You won’t regret it!
Again, I give special thanks to Sandra Byrd for the giving away of  this wonderful book and thanks to my good friend Alice( for hosting
the Sandra Byrd book giveaway on her blog.
To know more about Sandra Byrd and her books:
Happy Reading Y’all! 🙂

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