Tried and True Recipe!~Hot Chocolate~(With a Twist!)

Wintertime! It’s the time for all things hot and warming! I just discovered this quick and delicious recipe only a few days ago and it is soooo  good! Also this recipe can vary. You can always add your own little twist. I have never tried to make cocoa from scratch. I’ve always made cocoa with those cocoa packets you can buy from the store, but it always seemed as if I couldn’t get it to taste just right most of the time so I wasn’t a big cocoa fan until now!  Okay here it goes:

Image Credit-Google



~Hot Chocolate Recipe -With a Twist~

1 cup of chocolate milk

1-2  spoonfuls of  Sugar

1 dab of Whipped Cream (or as much as you like! You can never have a lot of whipped cream!)

That’s pretty much it. You can warm up the chocolate milk for about 2 minutes in the microwave or however you prefer  until it’s hot. Then add the rest of the ingredients. Like I said you can always vary.

A very warm,comforting, delicious treat for the wintertime!

Enjoy! 🙂


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