City of Angels~Tracie Peterson and James Scott Bell

City of Angels (Shannon Saga, #1)

City of Angels


Tracie Peterson and James Scott Bell

I truly do love to read about the  women in history who defeated the odds. Women who went against rules of what society said they

could or couldn’t achieve. I admire their perseverance to march forward to achieve their God given dreams in

order to pave the way for women today.

This book was so good that I read it in one night! Sometimes it seems very hard for a book to keep my attention but this book really captivated me from the first page!

The book is about a woman named Kit Shannon who at 13 years old is thrown into an unknown world.  Injustice was served and

this is the main reason that she determines in her heart that she would do everything in her power  to become a lawyer in order to  bring back  justice to those who deserve it.  Back in the 1800’s a woman was not really expected to do nothing but to marry well and keep house. Kit Shannon was one of those women who wanted more from life. I really liked that.

    This is really the first book that I’ve read from Tracie Peterson. I’ve read a book by James Bell in the past and I really enjoyed it.

I can honestly say that I was continually in shock to learn that my original assumptions about the characters were always wrong.

I thought I knew who did what and next thing I know I’m totally wrong!  That’s something that I do like though

because me as a reader I don’t want to have the usual cliche story. I want to be surprised!

This story was  like a mystery which was really good because I haven’t read a good mystery in a long while.

It was an awesome and decent read with many twists and turns.  I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!  (4stars)

 What’s the recent book that you’ve enjoyed reading? 🙂


2 thoughts on “City of Angels~Tracie Peterson and James Scott Bell

  1. Miriam says:

    I like your review! I absolutely love City of Angels!! Great book… I love what you’ve done with your site, by the way-it’s beautiful in blue!

  2. Aerykah says:

    I’ve been wanting to read these books for a while now… I’m glad you gave a positive review — makes me look forward to them even more! 😉
    I’ve read nearly 40 of Tracie Peterson’s books. She really is a great author & I highly recommend you read some of hers! 🙂

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