God is Carrying You!

this is my favorite poem in the world. i read it every night before i go to sleep and every morning when i wake up. i also carry it in my wallet. i want to get footprints tattooed on my foot with the words "i carry you".

I was just pondering about a time in my life where me and my family were going through a hard time. It was really hard at one point it was very stressful  to me because me personally,l I had never went through something like that before.

Just seeing how me and my family has made it over is just overwhelming because I was at times saying “Lord where are you?”, but he was standing right there all the time. He had confidence in me and my family like He had Job in the Bible knowing that we WOULD overcome. Sometimes it seems as though He is silent but he has your raging sea under control because He knows you WILL come out victorious on the other side. He knows what is waiting on the other side because He’s already been there!

You as person may go through things and then you discover that strength you need to carry on in the hottest of the battle. You can rejoice because that is only by God’s grace and mercy  alone and we can’t do it by ourselves. The Devil may have a chance to kick and punch everyday but God is always going to be the Champion because He CAN’T be defeated and if you have HIM on the inside, YOU CAN’T be defeated no matter what you may go through or are going through! God has the last say so! I’m Glad to know that Jesus is carrying me just like how the poem says above because on this journey I need Him to lead the way because only  through Him alone can I make it! 🙂  And by His grace I am going to make it!

Have a very blessed weekend!

(Poem from Pinterest)




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