Where Willows Grow by Kim Sawyer (Book Review)


Where Willows Grow (Heart of the Prairie #10)

My book rating:5 out of 5 stars

Her heart aches for his return… but is the distance between them measured by more than miles?
Anna Mae isn’t sure her husband is being completely honest about his job with the Works Progress Administration. They’re building a castle? In Kansas? Harley promised he’d be at the work site only long enough to earn enough cash to keep their farm. But the money hasn’t arrived, and Anna Mae fears Harley may be gone for good.

Harley Phipps has never been a man in need of luxuries, but he wants to do right by his wife and two little girls. He was about to lose all he’d worked for if he didn’t do something–there was no way he could pass up the government job, even if it meant leaving his family for a while. Anna Mae was awful mad when he sold the mules, packed his bag, and headed out. If only she’d send him a short note to let him know she and the girls are all right…


“Where Willows Grow” has been a favorite for me ever since I’ve read it. The story is set during the depression years.

Annie, the heroine in the book was a very encouraging character to read about. Though her faith was tested so many times she still held on. Her children were so cute to read about in the book!

Harley,  the hero, struggles with many faults and failures. He doesn’t believe in God and in the book he goes through many trials just to experience God’s love. A hardworking man and a real father though he has to go through many things to see that is true.

Another character in the book was named Jack and if you’ve ever read it you’ll see that he was something else!!

I do enjoy reading this book whenever I get the chance. I’ve re-read it countless times and when a book is like that then I know it’s a keeper! It’s  very encouraging to read . The characters aren’t dull and flat. The storyline was very engaging to read about! Plus I do like to read period books from the regency to the 1940’s. I do encourage you to read it if you haven’t because it was a very good book! 🙂

Happy Reading Y’all!


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