Sarah,Plain and Tall~Patricia MacLachlan~

Sarah Plain And Tall


Sarah,Plain and Tall was such a light and wonderful read. I truly enjoyed reading this heart-felt story. I definitely recommend this book for youngsters and adults alike who are looking for a  light book worth reading. I had watched the movies based on Sarah,Plain and Tall before actually reading this story. There are only slight differences between the movie and the book. Both are very good in my opinion and I recommend them both. I think that (Glenn Close) really did a very good job making Sarah’s character from the book really come alive in the movie. That’s talent!
I enjoyed every minute reading Sarah, Plain and Tall. It was a very well written story. The story does give the reader a little insight of what life was like back then concerning the prairie life and the mail order brides.It was also humorous to read the dialogue between the two siblings, Anna and Caleb. I thought it was quite cute! Of course, I recommend this book for children who are first learning how to read and  advanced readers as well. This is a book the whole family can read together and enjoy. 🙂

(5 stars)
The movie is awesome to for those who haven’t watched it yet. It’s very family friendly and a classic for ages to come!

sarah plain and tall

Happy Reading Y’all! 🙂


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