Faith, Special Sundays

Special Sundays!~Remember That You’re a Child of God!!~



LOL! I think we can all say that maybe there comes a time in our life that we need an Edna(Incredibles) in our lives so we can SNAP out of it! I thought that this pin from Pinterest was really neat. I hope you enjoyed it as well. It’s also a little humorous. 🙂

~A Little Update~

I’ve been kinda absent lately because I’ve been working and things so I’ve been really behind with my blog. Also, I think I had been suffering from blog burn out. I dunno. Sometimes there comes a time when I just need that “time” away and come back refreshed and renewed!  I do have ideas for the blog that are still in the works. I have been reading some awesome books and I can’t wait to tell y’all about it! (EXCITED!)

Oh yeah! My blog has had its first BLOGAVERSARY ON OCT THE 2! Yay!! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S BEEN A YEAR ALREADY! Hopefully later I’ll be able to have giveaways and all that good stuff later on. We shall see! I was tempted to just delete the whole blog because at one point I felt that I wouldn’t be able to contribute to it like I should but thanks to God and friends,the blog is still here. I’m also open to my readers’ opinions of what would interest you on my blog.Just feel free to comment below. : )

I have 100 and some followers for the blog so far. So that’s good and I’m working on posting more posts on here!  I will be working on that!   I had been working on the different sections of the blog like the:

TBR list

Blog Series

List of my best read books

Book Reviews

and I’m thinking about adding more. Slowly but surely. 🙂

Okay,okay. I know I’m talking way too much! That’s what I get for drinking a lot of coffee! What was I thinking!! lol.


~Have a Happy and Blessed Sunday Everyone!!~




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