The Apothecary’s Daughter~Julie Klassen~

The Apothecary's Daughter



As Lilly toils in her father’s apothecary shop, preparing herbs and remedies by rote, she is haunted by memories of her mother’s disappearance. Villagers whisper the tale, but her father refuses to discuss it. All the while, she dreams of the world beyond — of travel and adventure and romance.

When a relative offers to host her in London, Lilly discovers the pleasures and pitfalls of fashionable society and suitors, as well as clues about her mother. But will Lilly find what she is searching for — the truth of the past and a love for the future?


~My Review~

Julie Klassen has amazed me again with this spectacular book! My imagination was captured by storm by this wonderful regency tale. I had been reading a few books but for some reason they didn’t really have that extra something to pull me away from reality towards an evening with some well worth reading time.

The heroine,Lillian(Lily) Haswell, reminded me of Jane Austen’s life story a little bit. I promise not to spoil who the hero is! He’s so sweet! This story was also sweet and romantic!

Another thing about this story is that there were mysteries all over the story waiting to be solved. It was AMAZING!!!
If you have ever read the book,”A Proper Pursuit” by Lynn Austin then you’ll love this story because it reminded me so much of that story but in a very different way. I loved most of the characters in this book, especially, Charlie, Lily’s brother, he was so sweet!

~Quote from the Apothecary’s Daughter that I liked~
“I try to avoid looking forward or backward, and try to keep looking upward.” ~Charlotte Bronte~

I really liked reading about the Apothecaries and their remedies. It was very interesting and it reminded me so much of a modern pharmacist. All in all, I really enjoyed reading this book and it really drew me in.  I was captured until the very last page! I highly recommend this book if you’re looking for a great regency read or just looking forward to reading a book from a new author. Last but not least, the epilogue was epic and Julie Klassen is definitely a genius when it comes to regency fiction! (5 stars)

Happy Reading Y’all!!! 🙂

~The Author~Julie Klassen~



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