In the Field of Grace~Tessa Afshar~

In the Field of Grace


Without wealth or family, the widow Ruth left her people and followed Naomi, her beloved Hebrew mother-in-law, to rebuild Naomi’s home in Israel. Provisions gone and starvation at the door, Ruth used all that she had left–a strong back and a willing heart–to gather grain in a field, abandoned after the harvest.

Tormented by others, Ruth is shocked to find the owner of the field watching her. Talking to her. Bringing food to her and Naomi. Boaz tells himself his kindness toward Ruth is repayment for the love she has shown to his cousin Naomi. But his heart knows better.


~My Review~

I had been anticipating this book ever since I’d heard that Tessa Afshar was in the process of writing it. I’m a pretty big fan of Tessa Afshar’s writing so I try to read all of her books as soon as possible! Ruth is also one of my favorite heroines in the Bible so to have a novelization of her story is like so AWESOME!!

I do love,love the book cover. It is absolutely stunning!!

At first,  I couldn’t really get into the story because it seemed to me that it did have a slow start in my opinion. I was starting to believe that I wouldn’t enjoy the story as much as I did because of a sort of the slow beginning. I STRONGLY believe and love to see a gripping first chapter because then I know I will enjoy the book.

The story of Ruth is all about redemption and it’s one of the greatest love stories in the Bible. I think that the author did a very good job of portraying the story of Ruth and Naomi’s redemption and the love at first sight between Ruth and Boaz. I also love how the author gave Boaz a background story. His story in the novel was so heart wrenching and heart-gripping that it really drew me in. I was really amazed at how the author gave life to Ruth’s story from when she came to work in Boaz’ field to when she asked Boaz to be the kinsman redeemer. It was perfect!

I’m also a big fan of the 1960’s movie,”The Story of Ruth” and this novel was almost a reminisce of the movie in some parts as well.

The Story of Ruth ~ "The Old Testament story of the pagan idolater Ruth (Elana Eden), who married Mahlon (Tom Tryon), found faith and a great mother-in-law, Naomi (Peggy Wood)."

Aside from the seemly slow start to this novel,I really enjoyed reading this! This is another Biblical fiction novel well done by Tessa Afshar! I also enjoyed  reading about the other characters such as Dinah and Adin in this novel as well.

This story was  fantastic read!  It was a very moving and powerful story. I highly recommend “In the Field of Grace” over all of the novelizations of Ruth’s story that I’ve read. As soon as I had the time to settle down and read this story, I had finished it in about one night. I couldn’t put it down! I truly enjoyed it and I’m in high anticipation of Tessa Afshar’s next novel. (4 stars)

Happy Reading Y’all!  🙂


*I received this book in exchange for an honest review from Moody Publishers. All opinions expressed are my own and I was not required to write a positive review*


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  1. Kharla says:

    Hi 🙂 I just want to ask. Where can I buy this book? – In the Field of Grace. Please send me an email right after you see mine. Thank you very much! I will surely appreciate it.

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