A Beautiful Reflection~Sarah O. Maddox~


Susan Strasbourg, a beautiful and very conservative Christian girl, and Jim Hitchenson, a handsome, sophisticated Atlanta bachelor fall for each other at a company convention. They soon discover their lifestyles are miles apart. In his world she would be considered prudish. In her world he would be considered “wild.” It is no surprise that when their values and beliefs intersect, the result is conflict. Will they really be able to resolve these seemingly unsolvable conflicts? Will their love prove to be true and lasting?

~My Review~

I do so want to love each and every book that I invest my time reading but as we all know as readers that’s not going to happen each and every time. This was a new author and I’m always willing to discover new authors whenever I can.
I saw this book and I thought it was a book that was more of a book where the author would encourage young women in their endeavor to stay encouraged while waiting for their mate. Sadly, I was disappointed.

I do admit that the beginning started out pretty well but as the book progressed, I found out that the characters were one dimensional and so flat. I did not enjoy the dialogue at all and there were many things included in the book that I did not agree with. There was way too much kissing for much my taste for one thing. The writing was seriously needing depth and purpose.
Also, I was confused with how the author used so many characters in this novella.
To me this was a pretty long novella in my opinion.
Overall, I didn’t enjoy this story and I probably would’ve liked this story more if it was like an author writing to encourage young ladies in the faith concerning marriage. It wasn’t my cup of tea and I’m not sure I’ll be reading any more books by this author.

*I received this book for review by the publisher through Book Crash. I wasn’t required to write a positive review all opinions expressed are entirely my own.*


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