A Dream of Miracles~Ruth Reid~

A Dream of Miracles (The Amish Wonders #3)



Mattie Diener can barely keep it together. A young Amish widow and mother of two young children, she faces the lingering heartbreak of lost love, her son’s mysterious illness, and a torrent of accusations that threaten to undo her.

Bo Lambright is a fast-rising social services investigator whose high-society mother won’t rest until she finds his Mrs. Right. Despite Bo’s worldly success, the raw ache of a shadowy past and a series of unsettling dreams have left him reeling.

When Mattie and Bo cross paths, all signs point to disaster. Yet as they face a crucible of trials and tragedies together, longings begin to stir that seem destined only to end in more heartbreak. Is a miracle possible—not only of healing but of forbidden love? What secrets lie in Bo’s dreams? And will Mattie find the courage to face her uncertain future . . . or will she simply run away?


~My Review~

Wow! What an experience. There’s only a few series that I’ve read all the way from the first to the third book. I must say that I was pretty impressed by this author’s first book,”A Miracle of Hope”.

I’m very excited about what else this author has in store.
From the very first page. I was drawn into this heartwarming story.
Even though this story was quite enjoyable to read, I felt that there were times that the story was going in circles. I just think that as far as the characters and the story goes it could’ve been, “More”. The story was good but I just need more especially when it comes to an Amish novel because it’s rare that I read novels that are Amish based.
In my opinion, I think that the second or third book in a series is very crucial to me because it would determine if I wanted to keep reading more of the author’s work. Even though this book wasn’t my favorite book in this series, I was impressed by her first book so I have confidence that her writing is pretty good. Even though this novel wasn’t my favorite of hers, I’m still impressed by her writing and I’m eager to see what else this author has in store. (3 stars)


I received a free copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are entirely mine.


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