Guide Me Home~Kim Saywer~

Guide Me Home


Working in the massive cave might allow
Rebekah the chance to bring joy back to her family.
But will it claim more than it gives?
After tragedy leaves its mark on Rebekah Hardin s family, she plans to help her parents and six siblings honor her beloved brother s memory and alleviate their poverty by working as a guide in the dangerous cave system. Kentucky s renowned Mammoth Cave presents profitable opportunities in for hardworking, capable”men.” But Rebekah is determined and if it means presenting herself as a”himself,” then she s up to the job.
Under the wing of experienced guide Tolly Sanford, Reb begins to learn the complexities of the cave and the two are joined by an aspiring young cartographer, Devlin Bale.
The university student has traveled to the hill country to map tunnels not to fall for a girl in disguise. Can the God who designed miles of underground astonishment shape Devlin s ambitious plans and free Reb from the weight from the past?

*My Review*

I was so interested in reading this novel because it reminded me of Mulan’s story. I don’t know why but I love to read about stories like Joan of Arc or Mulan because they had a special intrigue to me even when I was younger.
Anyway, let me stop blabbering! This novel started out pretty well and it had a very interesting start. I was interested in how the novel began in giving some background with the main character and her family.

The main character’s journey was pleasant enough but as it got further along in the story I was slowly losing interest. I kept waiting for that “big” moment to be wowed by this novel but sadly it never came.
As for the hero, I was not impressed.
I still am a big fan of Kim Sawyer’s novels but to say the least, this was not my favorite novel written by her. However I’m still a big fan of her writing and I’m looking forward to whatever this author has to offer.

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.*


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