Waiting for God to Move!

Hi everyone!! To those that have been following my little blog will probably notice that I haven’t posted anything in long while because sadly my laptop stopped working. It will probably be a while until I can post anything until I figure my laptop situation. So if anyone out there has a suggestion for a good working laptop then just leave a comment below. I’m looking for a good laptop that will last me a good while.   🙂


1 thought on “Waiting for God to Move!”

  1. I do computer work for a living. And what I have found is that a lot can be accomplished by understanding what your needs are. At work, I need big, powerful computers, capable of running very specialized software. And, they are a lot to maintain. For home use, and writing, I use a 3 or 4 year old Chromebook. It was cheap. It is simple. It does web browsing, email, and writing pretty well. I even use it with Lastpass and a Yubikey to store my passwords to websites. Google has Google Docs, which I believe that you can use through the Chromebook as well. The only thing that I haven’t done is set up a printer off of my Chromebook.


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