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A Reluctant Bride~ Jody Hedlund~

A Reluctant Bride (The Bride Ships, #1)



After facing desperate heartache and loss, Mercy agrees to escape a bleak future in London and join a bride ship. Wealthy and titled, Joseph leaves home and takes to the sea as the ships surgeon to escape the pain of losing his family. He has no intention of settling down, but when Mercy becomes his assistant, they must fight against a forbidden love.


~My Review~

A Reluctant Bride~ Jody Hedlund~
I had stopped reading Jody Hedlund’s books for a while because I felt that her books were getting a little too mushy for Christian Fiction in my opinion.
It’s just my preference that when I read Christian Fiction I expect to see a hugh difference between secular fiction and Christian novels.

I love,love bride of convenience stories. I think what introduced me to those kind of stories is when I first read Love Comes Softly by Janette Oke. I have loved marriage of convenience stories ever since.
I cannot wait to read more marriage of convenience stories in Jody Hedlund’s book series.

I actually did love reading this book! I was intrigued with the drama and everything from page one til the end.

It was just amazing to see how many women back then were in poverty and marriage was pretty much the only decent way out unless you had been born into money or inherited it. I think that the
author did a good job of drawing a picture of what that situation would look like.

I liked both main characters. They were awesome! Especially the main lady character, Mercy. She was so loving and caring that is was heart wrenching. I highly recommend
reading this book if you love reading marriage of convenience stories. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series!


4 stars.

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The Spice King~Elizabeth Camden~

The Spice King (Hope and Glory, #1)



Gray Delacroix has dedicated his life to building an acclaimed global spice empire, but it has come at a cost. Resolved to salvage his family before they spiral out of control, he returns to his ancestral home for good after years of traveling the world.

As a junior botanist for the Smithsonian, Annabelle Larkin has been charged with the impossible task of gaining access to the notoriously private Delacroix plant collection. If she fails, she will be out of a job and the family farm in Kansas will go under. She has no idea that in gaining entrance to the Delacroix world, she will unwittingly step into a web of dangerous political intrigue far beyond her experience.

Unable to deny her attraction to the reclusive business tycoon, Annabelle will be forced to choose between her heart and loyalty to her country. Can Gray and Annabelle find a way through the storm of scandal without destroying the family Gray is fighting to save?


~My Review~

I just loved,loved the book cover when it first came out! I was mesmerized as usual when it comes to Elizabeth Camden’s books and I hadn’t even read it at the time.

It was absolutely stunning!

I was very intrigued reading about the different spices and how the main character traveled the world to explore and acquire the many different spices we
take for granted today. It was amazing!

I also really liked how this novel gave us a glimpse of the different jobs that women worked hard to earn respect in way back when.

I also thought it was sweet to read the camaraderie between the siblings. It was funny and charming to read about.

I think it’s a brilliant story and I think all of Elizabeth Camden’s novels are just incredible to read. I’m always waiting to read any of her upcoming books. She’s awesome!

I also can’t wait to read Luke’s story I feel that his story will be a very interesting one. I highly recommend this book and series. I’m ready to start the next book after this,
“A Glided Lady” I cannot wait!

4 stars.

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Books I want to read in 2020! : Part 2

Here’s part 2 of books I want to read and I can’t wait! The book covers are gorgeous!


Before I Called You Mine
1. Before I called you mine



Star of Persia: Esther's Story
2. Star of Persia

An Uncommon Woman
3. An Uncommon Woman
The Light at Wyndcliff (Cornwall, #3)
4. The Light at Wyndcliff
If I Were You
5. If I were You
Like Flames in the Night (Cities of Refuge, #4)
6.Like Flames in the Night (I love this author’s books! So awesome!
A Bride of Convenience (The Bride Ships, #3)
7.A Bride of Convenience
Line by Line (Love Along the Wires, #1)
8.Line by Line
At Love's Command (Hanger's Horsemen, #1)
9.At Love’s Command


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Books that are on my 2019 TBR list!: Part 2

It’s officially spring!!! Yey!!!

(Pic from Pinterest)


I can’t help but add new books to my TBR list! It’s one of my weaknesses I guess. LOL.

Image result for dorcas lane quotes

(Pic from Google)



The Number of Love (Codebreakers, #1)
This book cover is just fabulous!! Can’t wait to read this! 


Between Two Shores


The Printed Letter Bookshop


The Noble Guardian (The Bow Street Runners #3)
I’m not really a big fan of books where there is a male protagonist but the book cover art and the synopsis sound exciting! 


Sounds like a very interesting story.  🙂


The King's Mercy


With This Pledge (Carnton, #1)


Finding Lady Enderly

Yours Truly, Thomas
*Squeal!*  The book cover is just awesome!!


To Best the Boys



The Medallion


The Spice King (Hope and Glory, #1)
Elizabeth Camden!! That’s all they had to say! LOL! Loving this book cover and I can’t wait to read this novel!


Far Side of the Sea

In the Shadow of Croft Towers


How the Light Gets in


What books are you looking forward to reading this year?   🙂



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Books that are on my 2019 TBR list!: Part 1

I know, I know this post is so overdue but better late than never right?  I’m always adding to my TBR list. Hopefully I get to read more books this year than last year.  Let me know about the books you’re hoping to read this year. I do also hope to reread some books as well. Click the Cover to know more about the book.  🙂


A Bound Heart


The Warrior Maiden (Hagenheim, #9)
I love the story of Mulan and I can’t wait to read this book!

The Sky Above Us (Sunrise at Normandy, #2)


The Governess of Penwythe Hall (Cornwall #1)


A Desperate Hope (Empire State, #3)
Elizabeth Camden is one of my favorite authors! Can’t wait to read this.


More Than Words Can Say (Patchwork Family, #2)
Love this book cover. So beautiful!


Until the Mountains Fall (Cities of Refuge, #3)


A Reluctant Bride (Bride Ships, #1)


Of Fire and Lions


A Silken Thread

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A Light On the Hill~Connilyn Cossette~

A Light on the Hill (Cities of Refuge, #1)



*My Review*

First off, let me just brag about how beautiful this book cover is! Pretty much all the book covers from this
author is just breathtaking. Love it!

So, I discovered this author a while back and I’ve been keeping up with whatever novel she has written.
Needless to say, I’ve enjoyed the journey so far. Usually I read her books within a day or two.

A Light On the Hill’s story started out pretty well and I love how her beginnings of a novel just drew me in from the first page. I’ve always wondered about the cities of refuge that the Bible talks about so I think it’s
great that the author is taking a leap in writing about what could have been. I loved the heroine
Moriyah because she has such a strong character. Also the hero was pretty awesome as well. 😉

Though there were times I did have to skip ahead, I still enjoyed reading this novel. This author has become one
of my favorites when it comes to Biblical fiction. I highly recommend reading her books! I can’t wait for her
next book in this series!

*I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.-


*Upcoming Novel*

Shelter of the Most High (Cities of Refuge, #2)